Friday, September 7, 2012

When Faith No More was Faith No Man

Right off the bat, I am just gonna come right out and admit that my rabid fangirlness for just about everything died when I got a taste of The Real World(tm), so I only feel slightly guilty about only just now making this discovery.

And I did, very literally, JUST make this discovery. See, the other night, the husbutt and I were in our smoking room, discussing music and other random topics. We're both lifelong fans of Faith No More, and for whatever reason, the topic of As The Worm Turns came up.

For the unknowing, As The Worm Turns was originally released on Faith No More's (herein referred to as FNM) 1985 debut album, We Care a Lot.

The song was re-recorded with replacement vocalist Mike Patton during the Angel Dustrecording sessions, and to many fans, this is the superior version of the song.

So now you know what we were talking about - and this spurred me to look up the 1985 version, because I haven't listened to it in years. The internet and YouTube, manage to be very efficient rabbit holes, however - and I came upon the earliest recordings and performances of this band, one that I've loved since back in my just starting puberty days. I knew back then that FNM had been Faith No Man, but I never held any hope that there were recordings for me to hear. The internet was not as mighty then as it is now, dear readers. So, with no further tl;dr ness, here are the results of my digging. (get into your own rabbit holes if you look at the recommended videos that come up on the side!)


Faith No More - First Recording Ever 1983 - Part 1

From the 1982 single Quiet in Heaven/Song of Liberty:

RARE Faith No Man - Under the Gun [1983] (Live in San Francisco CA)