Saturday, September 8, 2012

Time to do the Meatstick!

OK, I am a bad excuse for a hippie. Not that I'm really a hippie at all, I just like a lot of the same things.

Phishis one of those bands that people seem to love or hate. I am in the "I'm interested but not terribly knowledgeable" camp. But today, thanks to my friend who is a bigger Phish fan than myself, I am a little bit more knowledgeable than I was before, and I've come to share it with you.

When I hear the word "Meatstick" I know what I think of. Pervert! Shut up. Anyway... Apparently, Phish have this uber rare tune called The Meatstick, and they wanted to blow past Macarenain the Guinness Book Of World Records by having the most people simultaneously doing a dance. Apparently, they failed - but hey, THEY TRIED, MAN!

And there is your lesson in High Weirdness for today. No need to take notes, just go boogie down.